Whether working from the office/ home or on the move,  gives you the power to manage your self catering business.

BookCom - Key Features

Full functioning Booking Tracker Software running on your PC.
  • Saves up to 80% Admin work.
  • No more double bookings.
  • Track your Payments - Get paid on time!
  • Don't need internet connection to use.
Online Availability, Prices and Enquires link to your Web Site
Keep ahead by making Bookings on the move.
  • Enquiry alerts by Email/ SMS
  • Process Quotes & bookings with PC or Mobile phone.
Credit Card online Payment integration via PayPal.
Get more bookings from our Booking Community Network.
30 day money back guarantee

     Bookings can be viewed either in listing or in calendar mode as shown above. BookCom runs on your PC and all BookCom data is stored on your hard drive.  

BookCom - Booking Tracker

 Booking Tracker is a Easy to use booking software for managing  all your bookings from the initial Enquiry from your website/ phone to the tracking of payments, scheduling of cleaners, to the final arrangements for the guests before they arrive.

Very Easy to use. Minimal data input required. Unlimited number of properties can be added. Feature rich back end modules for managing your business. Customer correspondence such as booking confirmations and balance due reminders can be done via automatically generated emails *   Sophisticated pricing program that allows you to set the price for your apartments quickly. Payments screen allows you to set up payments by Cheque, BACS, and Credit Card via PayPal. Reports that can be exported to spreadsheets, word processors and databases.  

* Email requires Microsoft Outlook or Outlook Express

    Most correspondence can be done automatically via Email. These emails are created using the email template program. You can also include attachments to the email such as your terms & conditions and information packs.

BookCom Online 

The BookCom software on your PC connects directly to your unique database on our server. This allows you to show your availability and prices directly on to your web site without the need for your computer to be on.

Include a simple link from your website to show,

Availability and prices Screen
  • Availability calendar changes in real time as you update bookings from BookCom Booking Tracker.
  • Prices change in real time as you modify prices from BookCom Booking Tracker.
An Enquiry Screen
  • Email sent to both you and the enquirer.
  • Customer details stored saving you from re-entering the data.
  • All email addresses stored for future marketing initiatives .

Click here to see a live example of the availability & Prices Screen

Click here to view a live example of the Enquiry screen Visitors to your web site can immediately view your up to date availability and prices. They can make an Enquiry with the Enquiry Screen that you can respond to in minutes..

Bookings on the move.

With BookCom, you can easily email availability confirmation and price quotations within seconds of the a visitor on your website submitting an Enquiry. This can be done any where in the world as long as there is an internet connection or a mobile phone signal. All you need do is press the Quote button.

 Send out quotes anywhere from your mobile phone* Or with Any computer with Access to the Internet Email and SMS Alerts you that an Enquiry has been submitted.


* mobile phones require a internet browser




The drop down list on the above screen displays all the email addresses of the unprocessed enquiries submitted by your site via the Enquiry screen. A click on the "View details" button displays all the customer details. The system will display the price and check the dates are not booked. Then by pressing the "Quote" button, a quotation email is sent to both you and the enquirer - Job done.



Booking Community Network

BookCom (short for Booking Community) offers you the opportunity to join our booking community network at no extra cost.  If you opt in - Any booking enquiry you decline (maybe cause you are fully booked) will be passed on to a owner who has an apartment closest to yours with similar layout.*. And You will receive booking enquires from others who have passed them on.

As the Booking Community network grows, more and more of these precious booking enquires will be shared by the members of BookCom.

*the enquirer needs to check a tick box to approve his email address to be passed on.

BookCom - Prices

One off Non refundable set up price - 50

 BookCom Pro - 300 per year (30 day money back guarantee). This Includes

  • BookCom - Booking Tracker plus unlimited number of properties.
  • BookCom - Online
  • BookCom - Bookings On the Move
  • BookCom - Booking Community Network

BookCom Enterprise - 1500 per year

Same functionality but powered by MS SQL Server allowing  scalable solutions for larger businesses.

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Software requirements

BookCom Booking Tracker runs on MS windows 2000/XP/ Vista with at least 100mb of space required.

BookCom Online and BookCom On the Move require a suitable internet browser such as Internet Explorer 6 (IE6) or Firefox. BookCom is powered by

BookCom is a part of rkellie software ltd - All rights reserved 2008